Tips for choosing phytosten

Eco-design in a modern interior is gaining more and more popularity. Now phytosts can be seen not only in ultramoded restaurants and business centers, but also in residential premises: bedrooms, living rooms. They are vertical structures for placing plants that have a built -in watering system.

The benefits of vertical landscaping

Vertical landscaping is recognized not only useful, but also beautiful. Of living plants, you can make both a fashionable decoration for walls and a partition between functional zones in the room. This design will be combined with any style options. Phytosts easily find their place in any design variants, and thanks to vertical landscaping, you can hide complex, hard -to -play sections of the premises.

The advantages of phytodesign compared to the picture on the wall in your living room:

Universal combination with any styles;
the benefits of photosynthetic plants for health;
a combination of bright natural beauty and attractiveness;
the ability to disguise defects in surfaces and unevenness;
a positive atmosphere in the room, as well as a constant pleasant smell of colors;
Almost like a luxurious winter garden, but without losing the area of ​​the floor.

The difference between phytomodule phytosten

Phytomoduli differ from phytosten in that the former have a small size (up to two square meters) and are quite transportable. In the manufacture of phytomoduli, special lighting and a built -in water tank for automatic irrigation are provided. This design works from an outlet and looks like a beautiful picture. The disadvantage is standardized in size frame for modules and the need for regular replenishment of the tank for irrigation.

Phytostins are voluminous products that cannot be transferred after installation. Most often, customers order structures with an area of ​​more than 3 sq. Most of which, based on the characteristics of the order, are connected stationary to the water supply, the Smart House system and even have an alarm.

When you choose a suitable combination of plants for herbalist in your apartment, remember that all green spaces should be combined with each other, and also do not have a negative effect on residents. To figure it out, call yourself or order a return call from the employees of the company you have chosen. They will be happy to introduce you to the course of this fashionable eco-movement, and will also help to choose the right phytophagination for your project. mostbet casino peru