Recently, the Ecuador has become more and more popular among tourists who want something special, and not just wallow on the beach of a five-star hotel in Turkey or Thailand.

Galapagos Islands

The country consists not only of the continental part, the Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador. They are about a thousand kilometers from the coast and are famous primarily by their turtles. In second place after the turtles are the beaches of unusual flowers: black, olive, white. On the third - the fact that during the observation of the fauna of these islands Darwin came to mind the concept of the theory of evolution. So, stretching out on the sun lounger at the pool of a beautiful hotel, you can think about how close relatives we are the same Galapagos turtles.

The continental part

Ecuador owes his name to the equator, and one of the most popular tourist points is the monument to the middle of the world near the capital. There are not so many exotic beaches on the continental part of the Ecuador, but Kito has a delightful historical center, which remained from the Spaniards and guarded by UNESCO. The famous Gothic basilica and statue of the Virgin Mary are there. The largest city - Guyayakil - is not so interesting from an architectural point of view, but most cultural events are taking place there. The city of Kuenka, the namesake of the Spanish city, remains in almost unchanged condition for 400 years and also worthy of attention. There are few roads in the country, and not all of them are in perfect condition, but nevertheless you can travel around the country, at least it should be done to get acquainted with the mountainous part of the Ecuador and its small cities - Riobamba, Montanita, then go to the meeting with Amazon jungle. And in general, it is worth visiting national parks and seeing local little animals - ants, armadillos, sloths and other unusual animals. And in the city of Inhapirk, you will find the remains of the grandiose buildings of the Inca people.


Ecuador's kitchen is similar to the kitchen of neighboring countries, the main ingredients are cheese, meat, beans and sharp pepper. Many recommend trying hot pies with cheese and meat filling. In addition, in Ecuador you can and should try exquisite dishes with seafood. If you are ready for the new and do not have a special love for home rodents, then be sure to take exotic dish of a guinea pig. Of course, do not forget about fruits.

General information and conclusion

Ecuador is a convenient country. Russian citizens do not need a visa if you accommodate a stay in the country in 90 days, and you can pay everywhere with any plastic cards and American dollars, because there is no currency there - they canceled it several years ago.

Crime in Ecuador is like in any Latin American country, where once every five years there is a more or less successful military coup. However, taking certain measures, unpleasant situations can be avoided. It is especially worthwhile to beware of pickpockets.

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